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We started the Audio Visual Division in the year 2000 as our new services to expand our respected and trusted business in the music industry. We became the leading company providing BARCOSLM R-8/R-10 projectors in Japan. Our philosophy is to provide easy and quick to install equipment that require less staff, allowing for a more space and time efficient project. In 2003, we developed a special screen frame using UMU window screen to use as stage effects. This innovation has been well evaluated by our customers as they have never seen this before.
In 2006, we started to provide of 300-inch LED displays by Chromtek, which is one of the best manufacturers in the world. With our long and successful history, our customer focus and our leadership, SOUND CREW continually strives to enhance creativity and flexibility for the next generation.

AUDIO VISUAL VISION / Our Experts and Best Equipments

Exhibition from large -scale live events , the Society , in order to produce a wide variety of events, such as effectively seminars , large LED vision , LCD projector , DLP projector , high-definition display , to offer video equipment rental such as multi-display cage you . Sound crew will comprehensively supported by the video system and rich track record and experience .
As events become more diverse, the importance of visual presentation is greater than ever. Being a leading company in this line of business,