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We opened our audio rental department in 1998. We provide audio for large concerts with our main system, JBL “VerTec Series” and NEXO“Alpha System”. We also provide alternative speakers for small events, such as NEXO “PS15”. We are very flexible in our support of your project, supporting not only the music events, but also the public presentation, exhibitions, or any situations.
We have a great number of unique audio systems, which are current mainstream digital console Digidesign products, including “VENUE Profile”, YAMAHA “PM-5D/RH”, “M7CL/48” and “LS9/16”. We also have a large number of unique speaker systems, such as LAcoustics “ARCS” and Master Blaster products, which is a high-performance and standard equipment. The success of your project relies very much on human resources who can handle any kind of equipment. That is our forte. Our staff are extremely well experienced and always try to find the best solution through careful and effective planning. Our priority is to make your project a success!

From small events to concert tours,
supporting you with diverse equipment and enigeers.