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In our company, one of the most important roles is of the specialist. Not only do we have guitar and drum technicians, but manipulators too.In the past few years the number of foreign customers has increased.Some of our specialists communicate with foreign artists in English without
the need of a translator. Our staff always present top level service as sound engineers, audio visual engineers, recording engineers, and professional drivers.Our specialists who handle delicate precision equipment are actively incorporating new sounds in order to utilize their skill, experience, and knowledge for your any kind of project. One of our strengths is the total care we provide in our services for recording, shooting and concerts. This strength is something we continue to enhance in our specialists.

We have specialists who can deal with diverse situations.

Instrument Technicians are usually seen working on stages.
In reality however, their work is not confined to the stage only. Their workload consists of different numerous tasks, such as not only being present during sound making and rehearsals, but also attending during recording and shooting of a music video. Part of their work is also to do research on new equipment & sounds.It’s their responsibility to capture and provide the ideal sound best suited and envisioned by the artists.In order to successfully accomplish such duties, it is important for Instrument Technicians to have a great deal of experiences and expertise in their area.Nonetheless, the roadie’s main task is working on the stage. Every single concert is unique, even with the same program.On the day of a concert, their work ranges from setting up the stage before a performance, attending to musicians, caring for musical instruments, to packing up and loading the backline to the trucks after the concert. A high level of care for equipment and communication skills for artists is required at all times. They are extremely hard working, very dedicated, and have the mental attitude of top athletes. These are the Instrument Technicians of SOUND CREW!


Our technicians keep all guitars and bass in tip top condition, and are likewise capable of producing just the right shade of sound requested.

Drum set tuning is essential for modern recording. Excellentdrumsoundsmadefrom well maintained drums. Sounds created by drum technicians are the bedrock of the song.

As safe drivers, our policy is to accurately follow traffic rules without any traffic offense. Our reliable drivers are very well-experienced and knowledgeable in directions and locations orfdifferent concert halls throughout Japan.

Great music is made by great instruments and equipment.
We always keep our equipment in best condition allowing musicians the creative freedom needed for their music.

Our sound engineers are professionals whose task it is deliver the required sound from the musician to the audiences. We strive for the best performance with great verity through excellent sound system and accomplished staff.

We are outfitted for various types of recording, not only in studios but at live concerst as well. Our aim is to support creating new sound with you..

Audio visual technology has become a very important effect in variety situations, such as in exhibitions and concerts. We create all kinds of images, and add a touch of color to every event.