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We have specialists who can deal with diverse situations.
We suggest new business plans for the music industry.We work with our highly- skilled specialists in the various music environments that we provide, ensuring a quick and effective plan that suits your business needs.
SOUND CREW, we are your partners in merit.
SOUND CREW began as a small company providing roadies for concerts back In 1984 .
Since then, the company has gradually expanded into numerous business divisions.These divisions range from backline rentals, dispatch roadies, PA equipment rentals & operation,audio visual equipment rentals & operation, live recording system rentals & operation,lighting equipment rentals & operation, maintenance and custody of musician's equipment transportation,as well as rehearsal & recording studios.
We are proud to be the only company that can provide different music environments in Japan.

A lot of meticulous planning and repeated meetings are generally required when shaping a thought and idea of a music business plan.At SOUND CREW we bypass a lot of the unnecessary inconvenience by reducing the number of meetings, accelerating the thought realization through each division strategically, simultaneously working together. Working on 2500 concerts every year is true testament that we are trusted by the leaders in the music industry in Japan.
Educating our employees to become specialists is the biggest factor of SOUND CREW's identity.We will foster more specialists and better musical environment in the future, and will continue to use these assets in all situations for all musicians and music industries that we support.