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WE have more than 15,000 backline rentals
from vintage Instruments to the latest audio visual equipment.
SOUND CREW was established in 1984 as a musical instrument rental company in Tokyo.
Now,in2013,our backline rental consists more than 15,000gears, varying widely from music instruments,audiosystem,recording system and audiovisua lequipment.Wefocusespecially on vintage instruments and equipment which are carefully paid attention to, in order to keep their best quality all times. We also have a wide range of classic musical instrument. You can use full-size orchestra equipment with our transportation services.We use our own network to find sought after instruments to make our collection one of a kind.
Also, we have a massive audio system for large concert halls, which are line array speakers system, and high quality mixing console. If needed, a remote recording is available with rich audio equipment, based on ProTools system and peripheral devices.
We started audio visual rentals in the year of 2002.
In 2006, we introduced huge screens with 6mm pixel LEDs, which main system is of visual direction for concerts and any kinds of events.Our delivery trucks range from minivans to 11-ton trucks. We can deliver almost everything what you want with them. In case or emergencies, we have exclusive trucks ready to be dispatched.More than 10 trucks are in operation daily delivering rental services, which cover the entire Tokyo area and its suburbs. We provide maintenance and storage for your private equipment. We want you to feel confident that we will deliver what you need to right place, on time, with just one phone call.

We have more than 10,000 gears. And musical instrument is our largest inventory of backline for rent. We continually update our inventory based on feedback from our customers to meet their expectations at all times. We strive to enhance our vintage collection, too.All musical instruments and equipments for rent are well maintained for best performance. Just giving you an idea of our wide range of backline rentals, we can offer classical music instruments for full-size orchestra.

Our excellent technical staff offer practical planning by utilizing our high quality equipments to meet your needs.

Whether your event or production is large or small, our wide variety of equipments and well-experienced staff offer best sound system.

Our Pro Tools systems have great flexibility to record any size of events from large concert halls to street performances. Our system is equipped with two complete separated recording paths to avoid any unexpected recording error. Sound recorded through our system with high end preamp and microphones have best fidelity.Our recording team knows the best solution for your project.

With 1,000m² (10,760 sq.ft.) floor, we aim to provide our customers the convenience of having a storage located right in our office, where your project begins. Our goal is keeping equipments safe and well maintained so that our customers feel free to use their equipments anytime with just one phone call.

Our stage equipped truck called "Event Car" is a specially designed vehicle which acts as a truck on the road and a easy-to-setup stage at the location. It is really useful for various outdoor event where staging is not available. Our touring bus is a good solution for production budget having enough space for transporting the band along with their equipment and staff.